Inspiring change to improve learning in the classroom

By: Jurgen Appelo License: Some rights reservedTitle: FIGURE 15.5 Innovation Adoption Curve Link: After recently taking the Assistive Technology and Universal Design Learning (UDL) course, I was inspired by all the various resources, apps, and technologies that are available to help create a well-rounded curriculum addressing all levels of learning and abilities. As I’ve… Continue reading Inspiring change to improve learning in the classroom

Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

When deciding on the topic of my final project I found myself choosing between two ideas: creating a guide to using keyboard shortcuts and a tutorial on identifying phishing emails. After giving it some thought and talking it through with a few people, I decided that though becoming more efficient at using a keyboard is… Continue reading Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

Assume nothing, question everything

With all the new technologies and potential for fake news/images, there is even more of a need for people to become digitally literate.  Sadly, it’s especially becoming more valuable and necessary in the world of college admissions. Recently there have been a number of different admissions scandals, some more widely known than others and I… Continue reading Assume nothing, question everything

What I talk about when I talk about digital literacy

1. I watched a movie called Blind Massage in 2014. It narrated the helplessness and bitterness of the ordinary life of blind people. So I started trying to understand and focus on this group. Many visually impaired persons usually learn the skill of massage to make money as a masseur or masseuse. Whenever I talk… Continue reading What I talk about when I talk about digital literacy

Picture Perfect Problem Solvers

Many students need to draw a picture or have a visual in order to solve a problem. I was always this type of student, and I still am to this day. As a Mathematics teacher, I am finding that using images in the development of critical thinking skills is crucial. Our reading for this week,… Continue reading Picture Perfect Problem Solvers

Remixed Emotions

I have never heard of the term Remix until I started taking the Digital Literacies #Diglit21 course at Adelphi University. For years I have digitally created content for advertisements, graphics and displays to sell a product or to help brand a business. Bringing together content, images, color and creating a final product has always been… Continue reading Remixed Emotions