Social Media has taken over both nationally and globally. Anybody who is anybody is now on Twitter, Instagram, and/or SnapChat. The benefits of some of these platforms are extremely useful. Instagram can be used for marketing items, salvaging a memory, or showing off a cool trip. Twitter (my favorite social media platform) is now used… Continue reading SnapWhat?

The Gen Z Civic Action Dilemma: How Can We Connect the Hyper Connected?

We’re one year away from 2020 and it seems like our country is in danger of sliding backwards. Socio-political progress is in danger of being re-imagined, our planet is in danger of extreme and irreversible damage, basic human rights are in danger of being controlled by older, white, partisan men in congress…. So what am… Continue reading The Gen Z Civic Action Dilemma: How Can We Connect the Hyper Connected?

Picture Perfect Problem Solvers

Many students need to draw a picture or have a visual in order to solve a problem. I was always this type of student, and I still am to this day. As a Mathematics teacher, I am finding that using images in the development of critical thinking skills is crucial. Our reading for this week,… Continue reading Picture Perfect Problem Solvers

Remixed Emotions

I have never heard of the term Remix until I started taking the Digital Literacies #Diglit21 course at Adelphi University. For years I have digitally created content for advertisements, graphics and displays to sell a product or to help brand a business. Bringing together content, images, color and creating a final product has always been… Continue reading Remixed Emotions

Welcome to EDT 510

Course Description How do multimedia, texting, chat, status updates, and hypertext change the way we read and interpret texts? Students study various theories of literacy and how it changes with the introduction of digital technologies. Readings will include selections on new media, new literacy, multiliteracies, multimedia cognition, and visual semantics. Course Goals Two overarching goals… Continue reading Welcome to EDT 510