What do you meme?

From cave art to digital photographs, visuals have been a part of our life for thousands of years. But what impact do these visuals have upon our life? Students are constantly working with images through various mediums such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest. The sharing of images has become so common in recent years… Continue reading What do you meme?

Keepin’ It Real

Media Literacy-How do we keep it real? How many of you get your everyday information from your phone or laptop in a matter of seconds? 65% of Americans get their information and news from social media today.  We have an endless stream of information at the click of a button but many of us don’t… Continue reading Keepin’ It Real

Assume nothing, question everything

With all the new technologies and potential for fake news/images, there is even more of a need for people to become digitally literate.  Sadly, it’s especially becoming more valuable and necessary in the world of college admissions. Recently there have been a number of different admissions scandals, some more widely known than others and I… Continue reading Assume nothing, question everything