The topic of my video project is to promote the use of slack in online classes in China.  I will introduce some advantages of using slack in online classes. First, transparent to everyone who take this online course. Slack is a very large team communication software. Instructor set a course channel that students can join.… Continue reading Slack

Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

When deciding on the topic of my final project I found myself choosing between two ideas: creating a guide to using keyboard shortcuts and a tutorial on identifying phishing emails. After giving it some thought and talking it through with a few people, I decided that though becoming more efficient at using a keyboard is… Continue reading Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

Office 365

My topic will be to create a tutorial video that highlights a few key features in Office 365. I don’t want to explore every feature because that would be too much information at once, but I definitely want to show them 3 of the first features available to them. The first one is outlook which… Continue reading Office 365