Office 365

My topic will be to create a tutorial video that highlights a few key features in Office 365. I don’t want to explore every feature because that would be too much information at once, but I definitely want to show them 3 of the first features available to them. The first one is outlook which… Continue reading Office 365

What do you meme?

From cave art to digital photographs, visuals have been a part of our life for thousands of years. But what impact do these visuals have upon our life? Students are constantly working with images through various mediums such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest. The sharing of images has become so common in recent years… Continue reading What do you meme?


America is known as the land of freedom and opportunity. People come from all over the world in order to peruse a better life and to obtain freedom from oppression and social injustices. We are taught in school that our job as citizens of one of the most prominent nations of the world is to… Continue reading #AmericanDream