Learn in digital age

Now is the information explosion era, the channel and carrier of information is more and more rich, WeChat, BBS, books. People pay more attention to the world and need to learn more and more, but often read extensively and then forget. Or often want to learn some technology, knowledge, or want to understand new industries, disciplines, but soon lost interest.

The lazy brain’s tendency to choose easy and novel information is an animal instinct, since fewer brain cells die and less ATP is consumed. A lot of times I subconsciously open some fragmented information app, in fact, is not how interested in them, just this second I do not know what I do. I am boring, I am empty. And the explosion of information can quickly occupy my barren brain, easy to please my not out of vulgar brain cells, they are more popular than complex logic reasoning. Over time, I have less time to concentrate on my study and more inner noise.

How to let oneself can calm down study? Here are some of my thoughts.

First, select information

Some books can be devoured, others can be thumbed while dozing, but there are other books that need to be left with a large blank space, ready to read only two or three pages an hour, each sentence carefully studied. Slow, slow, slow…Slow reading is the best way to calm your mind. Pick out one or two books and read them slowly. A lot of information is really not that important. Reading is never measured by the number of pages.

Second, tension

When I was in the third grade of primary school, I was once given a set of examination papers. I was so distracted in class that I just had to do the first slide, thinking I was going to do the whole thing. So I worry, and after class I went straight home to do papers, did papers all night, and then I finished. That night, I felt my soul was sublimated. Although I was extremely nervous, my heart was extremely quiet. After growing up, I always leave a pile of books do not want to read just want to play, because my heart did not have the small whip. Because even if I do not calm down to study, there is no immediate visible consequences.

When I grow up, I can lower my standards again and again and no one will beat me. Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back. It is hard to form good habits, but it is too easy to break them. When you study, you need to give yourself some sense of tension, even if what you are doing is not urgent, the outside world does not have so high requirements for you, please give yourself some standards — not very difficult, but need your effort. For example, before reading a book, give yourself a list of problems. Try to solve these problems after reading the book. After reading it, check what can be answered and what cannot be answered by reading what books and how to answer.

Three, reading notes

Writing book notes is an effective way to get involved in a book. As you read, you can underline important sentences and record your thoughts or comments. After reading a book, try creating a mind map to organize the content of the book. Discuss your reading on BBS. You can always find someone online who reads the same book as you. Exchanging ideas can make reading interesting and even satisfy one’s desire to show off a little.

Let’s learn!

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