Social Media for Change

For our final video project I chose the topic of social media and activism. I will be discussing how when done properly, social media can be used as a tool to promote social change and civic engagement. In my video I will teach the benefits of using social media, the complexity/possible problems you can encounter, and the appropriate way to use social media to your advantage. A few examples that I will be using are Standing rock, Black Lives Matter, and Anonymous.

My targeted audience will be Millennials and Post-Millennials seeing as they tend to use social media the most. However, I feel everyone will be able to benefit from watching my video. I chose this topic because social media is a large part of our society and is used on a daily basis. I want people to understand that all thought it can be, social media is not merely a place for posting selfies. It has the ability to positively influence others and make an ever lasting change on our world.


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