The topic of my video project is to promote the use of slack in online classes in China. 

I will introduce some advantages of using slack in online classes. First, transparent to everyone who take this online course. Slack is a very large team communication software. Instructor set a course channel that students can join. Students share ideas with their peers and teachers can view and comment immediately. Second, it overcomes the communication gap. They don’t have to meet their classmates and teachers which prevent some students from being ignored because they are afraid to express their opinions in class. Third, building communication and collaboration among students and instructors.

Why slack?

Slack has become a teaching tools for online course in the United States and Canada. However, many online courses in china are only taught through video. Students feedback that online courses are short of communication and communication with teachers and problems cannot be solved in time. But slack makes up for the lack of interaction between teachers and students. My target audience is Chinese students. My goal is to teach Chinese students how to use slack to participate in class discussions, send messages and make comments.

Reference list

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One thought on “Slack

  1. This is really a great idea to add another dimension to classes in China. I appreciate the sources you referenced and was interested to see Slack being used for teaching and learning in diverse disciplines such as Political Science and Marketing.


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