Inspiring change to improve learning in the classroom

By: Jurgen Appelo
License: Some rights reserved
Title: FIGURE 15.5 Innovation Adoption Curve

After recently taking the Assistive Technology and Universal Design Learning (UDL) course, I was inspired by all the various resources, apps, and technologies that are available to help create a well-rounded curriculum addressing all levels of learning and abilities. As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, what is necessary for some is typically good for everyone, and that statement refers directly to the impact of UDL in the classroom.

I’m not a teacher though I think UDL may seem intimidating to seasoned teachers or someone not familiar with technology. Many times, in any career, people become comfortable and follow the same processes each year, hesitant to vary away from the standard day to day. For this reason, I’d like to direct my video to teachers, going over how they can create a lesson using universal design learning to address a specific learning objective. It is evident that technology and digital learning should be standard in all classrooms to prepare students for a successful future, so I’m hoping to create a video that will alleviate the reluctance of teachers to using them.

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One thought on “Inspiring change to improve learning in the classroom

  1. This is an important and very useful project, Tracy. The principles of UDL are also applicable beyond traditional classrooms –in professional environments as well, where training might be produced in online formats. I can envision you having opportunities to share and apply this knowledge in your workplace as well. You might have seen that the CAST site that you cited in your resources has a whole section on UDL for workforce develeopment.


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