The Beauty of Publisher

For the Video project, I will bring the concept of teaching my students to use publisher. The publisher is extremely important in the academic field. Students can use publisher to make some event flyer or brochure. If students want to learn anything about digital literacy, I believe the first step is using electronic software to create an electronic document.

I will make a demo video of how to use templates of the publisher to create a brochure. I want every one of my students can learning a powerful office tool. Not only for their digital literary attainments, but also useful for their college life or career. Taking me as an example, after first semester graduate assistantship, even though my English is not good enough, I can use office software well. Therefore, my teacher started to know that I have some computer skills that can help her a lot, I successfully accepted as GA for this semester.

My target students will be middle school students and high school students. And the recording tool I would like to choose is zoom. Zoom is an excellent corporate Conference Software. As a teacher, zoom provide me a teaching environment which other tools cannot be compared with.


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