Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

Online Phishing Illustration

Credit: CREST Research
Title: ECR Series: What Makes People Susceptible To Malevolent Influence Online?
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When deciding on the topic of my final project I found myself choosing between two ideas: creating a guide to using keyboard shortcuts and a tutorial on identifying phishing emails. After giving it some thought and talking it through with a few people, I decided that though becoming more efficient at using a keyboard is useful and applicable on a daily basis, being able to identify a phishing email is more important since the implications of not being able to identify a fake email are much greater. The latter would also, if done correctly, make for a more interesting video. At its base, my target audience is broad: anyone who uses email. I will likely get a little more specific when informing viewers what to do with a phishing email, limiting it to Gmail and perhaps one or two other services. I also plan on using Adelphi and its brand as an example, seemingly targeting Adelphi constituents, but viewers will be able to extrapolate the information provided to their respective organizations.

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One thought on “Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

  1. HI Tanja, I continue to be surprised at how frequently colleagues at Universities “bite” when hishing occurs. There is clearly a need for more resources like the one you are producing.


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