Office 365

My topic will be to create a tutorial video that highlights a few key features in Office 365. I don’t want to explore every feature because that would be too much information at once, but I definitely want to show them 3 of the first features available to them. The first one is outlook which is their email. I want students to be aware that everyone in our county has an email and how they can use that to communicate with their teachers when they need help with homework or projects. The second one is their onedrive. Onedrive is where all of the projects they create are stored. They can also share their projects directly to their teachers or to other students to look at before submitting it. The final feature I will cover in this video is Word. Students are getting to the age where they are having to type up small reports and I want them to be aware of the features in word to help them in those projects.  

The learning objectives for this project is to make students aware of some of the resources available to them through office 365 and to have them practice using all of these features.

My audience will be elementary aged students from 3rd-5th grade. I choose this topic because my district is providing all of our students with access to Office 365, however our students have limited knowledge of the resources that are available to them with it.

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