Instagram for Businesses

I see great value in using Instagram to grow a business, so I would like to dedicate my final video project to this topic. My dad inspired this as he is constantly looking for ways to reach more people, but does not feel capable of using digital media on his own. He’s a chiropractor and health coach for OptaVia and would really benefit from branching out on the social space but doesn’t have the media or digital skills to start himself. He was recently looking into hiring someone to take care of social for him, but they were trying to charge him thousands of dollars a month and for a small business owner, this just isn’t practical in my opinion. Instead of outsourcing like this, I’d like to show people like my dad, or more specifically those who have been affected by the digital divide, that reaching an audience on social platforms like Instagram is attainable in-house. It’ll be portrayed as a “How To: Part 1” because of the time limit. I could go into a lot more detail, and maybe I even will continue making more sequential videos after this..

Of all the readings from our class, I’d like to draw inspiration for my discussion from Belshaw’s book, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies. I really liked the way these elements connect and think they are adaptable enough to a wide variety of situations, therefore it will be a great framework for me to approach my topic to outline a way to meet people where they’re at to facilitate growth in digital skills. I plan to discuss what the digital divide is in relation to these elements and emphasize that it isn’t too late to become more equipped to join the digital world. Ultimately, the digital divide can be generational, but it can also be influenced by lack of opportunity in today’s society.

In addition to this, I’ll be providing a demonstration on how to create an Instagram account and will go through the features so that the audience can learn the basics of the platform and what it can afford their business. I’ll be looking at OptaVia, a business account, as a case study to showcase a successful brand identity and techniques. Hopefully this video (which will be a screencast) will give people like my dad a bit more confidence to incorporate digital media into their business ventures!

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