Vehicle Wrap Design Tips Video

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My final project will be a video on Vehicle Wrap Design Tips, that will provide useful tips on designing a vehicle wrap. Over the last 10 years, the Vehicle Wrap business has skyrocketed and more businesses are using mobile advertising to reach new customers. Vehicle Wraps are large stickers that are applied to cars, trucks, and trailers. The common term is shrink wrap, but I never use this term because it is not accurate. There is no shrink wrap involved. Vehicle Wraps are printed on a thin, conformable vinyl that is pressure sensitive and heat is commonly used to apply the vinyl to concave and convex surfaces of the vehicle. Most Vehicle Wraps are designed and created for businesses that want to advertise their company and services. This video will provide tips on the actual design of the wrap and setting up the wrap to print. The purpose of this video is to explain to designers what software to use, what to do and not do in the design and how to prepare for printing. This video is intended for graphic designers in the sign and large format printing industry to create better, more effective Vehicle Wraps and how to avoid common mistakes. I chose this topic because I spent 20 years of life in the large format printing industry designing, printing and installing Vehicle Graphics and Wraps. I have the knowledge and experience to know what should and shouldn’t be done. I have seen many Vehicle Wraps over the years and feel that so many are overdone and illegible, which makes the advertising ineffective in the end. Over the years I have also worked with many designers that do not know or understand what it means to design for printing. I think that this is a common problem and believe these tips will help designers everywhere who are new to Vehicle Wrap design.


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One thought on “Vehicle Wrap Design Tips Video

  1. Super intriguing, Kat! After reading this post, I feel like there will be a broader audience for this video than just those inetrested in the specifics of vehicle wraps, because as you mentioned there will be many applicable tips about designing for printing and, in particular, large format printing. I think you’re right that, in part because of the digitization of so much visual culture, the knowledge needed to design for print may be overlooked in the training of a lot of designers.


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