Under the Influence

Was Mean Girls Ahead of it’s time and foreshadowed the impact an influencer could have?!

For my final video project I am exploring more into the effects that social media and digital literacy has had on the rapid growth of online influencers/bloggers/fashion millennials.  I have a close friend of mine that is also in the fashion industry and she is an aspiring influencer and I will be interviewing her and getting her take on how she’s seen the industry change, where it’s going to be in the future, as well as touch on some online privacy issues and the power an image can have online. The new dream job that most millennials or Gen Z kids haven is to become an “influencer”.  But what does that really mean and is it really as much fun as it sounds? I hope to educate millennials that what you see online, is not always how it appears in real life. I chose this topic because I am fascinated by the world wide influence one person can now have through the means of digital social media.  This digital world we now live in effects us through all aspects of our lives, mainly through the content we see and the people promoting it.  Brands can now become viral from just one post from a well followed influencer or blogger. Why are there more marketing and advertisements through social media than through TV or magazines? How can we go deeper behind these perfected images we see online and get out from under their influence? 

I plan on using some of the following resources:

“What’s the Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumers.” The Marketing Scope, 3 Sept. 2018, http://www.themarketingscope.com/influencer-marketing-on-consumers/.

“What Is the Impact of Social Media Influencers?” Digital Business Strategy – Advanced Master – GEM Grenoble Ecole De Management, 6 Apr. 2017, digital-me-up.com/2017/04/06/impact-social-media-influencers/.

Pardes, Arielle. “Instagram’s New Shopping Feature Works Like a Digital Mall.” Wired, Conde Nast, 19 Mar. 2019, http://www.wired.com/story/instagram-in-app-shopping-feature/.

One thought on “Under the Influence

  1. Great topic–so much to explore around this phenomenon. You might be interested in this article from the NYTImes last fall on “Nanoinfluencers”–ordinary people who don’t have zillions of followers but who are contacted by brands to become “influencers” because they will be considered “authentic” and because they can be “bought” for very little.


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