Instagram for social connection

Instagram is a social app similar to twitter and Facebook that allows users to take photos with their smartphones and share them on the platform. People around the world share their own photos and video on Instagram. Users can see but cannot download and forward the photos and video Shared by individuals, which ensures users’ privacy. According to the survey, nearly half of people share their selfies and friends’ parties on Instagram. In my opinion, Instagram is a very good social software, which can not only make more like-minded friends, but also protect the right of portrait of individuals from infringement.

In China, we usually use WeChat to keep in touch with our Chinese friends and share daily information. But a lot of bad things have been found in recent years. For example, some people will steal other people’s photos as their own photos published to their own circle of friends. This is where WeChat does not do well. As a social software integrating photos and video, Instagram can post video for more than 10 seconds on Instagram, while WeChat can only post video for less than 10 seconds. This is one of the reasons why I recommend Instagram. Instagram is a good record of the whole process of playing. Instagram can be used to record a lot of beautiful moments when traveling as nostalgia in the future. Secondly, you can follow some beauty bloggers on Instagram and see some cosmetics you like. You can pay directly on it, which is very convenient.

The reason why I recommend using Instagram very much is that Instagram is also a very good platform for learning and education. I will follow some bloggers who teach oral English, because I will learn many idiomatic oral expressions. So far, Instagram has not been widely used in China. Many Chinese people do not use Instagram very much, but I hope more people will use Instagram in the future.

One thought on “Instagram for social connection

  1. It was interesting to read your comparison of wechat and instagram, since I am familiar with instagram but have not used wechat. I wonder why instagram is not as popular in china–is it widely accessible? Is it just that wechat took hold of the market first and so people are accustomied to suing that and don’t feel the need to change?


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