Online course, right? or wrong?

We talked about digital literacy before. As a teacher, besides digital literacy, I want to share my opinions that how people use the internet to study. Nowadays, more and more people are willing to take online courses. Some people hold the opinion that the online course is very useful, but others believe that the online course is wasting time. In my view, online courses are the best choices for students who want to learn something more than their school knowledge.

Comparing to traditional classes, online classes are more flexible. In this fast-changing world, the tempo of life increases with technological advancements. Students are busy to take social events, and sometimes the schedules of important activities conflict with their class schedules. Online classes can help students who have schedule troubles. Students can take the class whenever they want, the flexibility brings more efficient for students’ study.

As we all know, modern society needs a generalist. Students shouldn’t limit themselves on a single subject. Online classes as sources of effective knowledge become popular among students. because most of the online classes are free, students can learn anything they wanted online. Besides, some famous teachers post their classes online, students can learn from the best. Taking me as an example, when I was learning TOEFL in China, I spend a lot of money on a training school, but in the end, my TOEFL score was a tragedy. After taking the online class with a famous TOEFL teacher, I accomplished my goals.

As a teacher, the online class can be count as a very powerful tool which can advertise teacher themselves. Teachers can post their class online like YouTube, if students like your teaching style, you can abstract a lot of followers. Some of your followers may want to join your traditional class. With the help of the online class, not only teacher publicize themselves, but attract students.

All in all, online course is a channel for students to develop more knowledge.

One thought on “Online course, right? or wrong?

  1. Interesting post, Chris. i never thought very much about how online education has created a kind of “open marketplace” for teaching and learning, where learners have more choice about what they study and who they study with–and teachers can seek students by sharing thier expertise online. It aso allows those who don’t live close to urban centers where there are more educational options to have greater choice without having to travle or leave home.


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