The Impact Of Twitter

In March of 2006, an app was launched out of Silicon Valley. The idea of the app was a way for people to get their ideas and thoughts out into the world using a platform. This platform was the new wave of social media and it was called Twitter.

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When Twitter was first launched, it was the “cool new thing” that everybody had. It was a way of just displaying thoughts and ideas, but from what I remember it was first used as almost like an AOL instant messenger (throw back). From what I remember people would tweet about what they were doing and others would comment on it or quote it and respond to them. It was not until people that were famous discovered it that it was used more efficiently. Famous actors, actresses, musicians, etc. started hopping on the app and displaying their ideas about life and what they were up to. Below is a picture of Ellen DeGeneres’ first tweet way back in 2009.

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Once famous people started getting accustomed to the app, they realized the social impact they can have with the use of it. Many started using it for marketing their shows, movies, musics, brands, etc. and it became a world wide phenomenon. It was not until my days in undergrad when it had a massive impact on me and how beneficial it was.

Growing up I was always a tremendous sports fan. Football and hockey were always my passions and I love the Jets and Rangers respectively. I was always interested in up to the minute trades, acquisitions, signings, and other things involving the teams. I was always trying to search the internet and be on top of it but it was just too hard. It wasn’t until I heard that writers from newspapers and other sports companies were making the jump to twitter and that is where my life as a fan changed. I was able to follow my favorite writers for my teams and get up to the second updates directly to my phone. It was liberating and I wanted to get involved with it. Below is a picture of my personal writing hero Larry Brooks (in green) and the great Henrik Lundqvist. Larry is a writer for the Rangers for the New York Post and is my personal inspiration.

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So wait a second you might ask….how is a writer an inspiration when you’re a math teacher? Growing up I always wanted to get involved with writing for a team of mine. It wasn’t until this past year where I was picked up by a Rangers blog (Forever Blueshirts) and started writing for them. Larry was always someone I read growing up and was an inspiration to me. So how does this tie into the importance of Twitter?

For our writing, we used Twitter as the basis for our company. We send out all of our articles them, and fans can get them directly to their phones and read them on the spot. It was the sports world that made me realize how impactful Twitter can be, and I was one who adapted to it with the use of my blog.

With all the great that comes with Twitter, it can be a very toxic environment. Yes, while it is a wonderful thing to be able to get up to the second updates about everything from it, spread your ideas on it, and even use it as a platform for a blog, it is a place with both nasty remarks, and extremely short-sided biased opinions. The only thing I can say with the use of Twitter is be careful who you follow, and don’t be treated disrespectfully by those that do not agree with you.

One thought on “The Impact Of Twitter

  1. Great blog post, James. It was quite interesting to hear about your evolution as a Twitter blogger for the Rangers–and fun to be reminded of the early days of Twitter, when most people weren’t sure what it was or what it might be good for. I remember very clearly when the value of Twitter first became “real” to me. I was living in Egypt and there was a spontaneous uprising in Iran after Ahmadinejad was declared the inner of an election in 2009 which many Iranisn felt had been a “rigged” election. People in Egypt were watching these events closely because Egypt had ahd the same President (Hosni Mubarak) for almost 30 years– and most people believed that the elections which kept him in power were not democratic and were controlled in his favor. During this time, I heard about some one who had set up an app that would allow Twitter users to send an “I’ve been arrested: Tweet to their followers with one click. At that time I thought: now I see how Twitter could be useful. And a few years later, in January of 2011,when uprisings against Mubarak started in Cairo–and the center of the demontrations were in Tahrir square, a ten minute walk from my house, I depended on Twitter to help keep me apprised of what was going on and when it was more (and less) safe to move around my neighborhood and to go to Tahrir.


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