One thought on “Pick the right “tool’ for the Job

  1. HI Chris,

    Somehow your link didn’t post properly, but I found your blog here:
    I enjoyed your post. I like the way you shared your personal expereince and then generalized about the implications for others. I’m surprised actually that your book-based study methods turned out to be better than the ones that your classmates were using on thier phones, since I feel like drill and rpractice is one of the things that tachnology facilliattes so well. I wonder which particular technology enhanced methods your TOEFL techer was using that impressed you so much?

    Here’s a recent interesting journal article on the topic that is availbale in the Adelphi Library:

    Kessler, G. (2018). Technology and the future of language teaching. Foreign Language Annals, 51(1), 205-218. doi:


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